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All Life Matters

All activities have an impact.  Make yours positive.

Clean, Renewable Energy

A small shift in approach can equal a positive result in the long term.

Follow the Right Route

Find out how to safely navigate the minefield of environmental compliance legislation.


Know your rights, know your options.  Choose the right path.  Speak to us first.

Work with Nature

Sustainable development.  We help guide you towards a greener future.
What we do

We are a Cape Town based company that assists the private sector, public sector and various industry stakeholders, in environmental legal procedures associated with enforcement legislation, renewable energy, agriculture, recycling, waste minimisation and re-use, construction, development, aquaculture and a whole suite of other industries, with compliance issues relating to the environmental regulations/legislation, such as the NEMA and NEM:WA, as a specific focus point.

Wherever there have been non-compliances and/or transgressions of such laws, we provide our clients with sound environmental and legal advice, specifically tailored to their unique situation, and taking into account their actions and means, as well as providing innovative cost-effective solutions to deal with environmental issues.

We also provide training, workshops and presentations on Departmental processes, procedures and legislation and are trained Environmental Management Inspectors. We will be able to improve and facilitate co-operation with various government Departments, help build towards a greener economy and simultaneously protect the goodwill and business reputation of companies and corporations within the private sector.


EAS offers a wide range of competitive and practical consulting services, specifically focused on cost-effective environmental solutions, dependent on the variables inherent to the site.

EIA Applications

EAS manages your entire application for you, including utilizing a diverse range of expert, freelance specialists, who assist with any specialist input required for an application in terms of the EIA process.

Compliance Monitoring and Site Management

EAS monitors and checks compliance with the latest relevant legislation applicable to your industry and advises its clients on any amendments and recent changes in law.

We provide a practical, onsite assessment of the client’s processes and identify any pertinent potential industry-related environmental issues.

Section 24G Rectifications Applications

EAS provides comprehensive guidance and advice throughout the entire rectification application procedure.


EAS has the necessary experience and qualifications to provide you with formal representation, regarding any Compliance and Enforcement Notice you may receive from an Organ of State (including any Notices received from Local and Regional municipalities, as well as Provincial and National Departments).

We offer solid, sound, reasonable legal advice focused on environmental aspects and development issues.

Waste Management License Applications

EAS provides comprehensive guidance and advice throughout the entire waste management license application procedure.

Environmental Audits, Risk Mitigation Solutions and Advisory Services

EAS compiles Compliance Audit reports for Departmental processes and procedures, with an eye towards guiding and advising its clients toward a greener, sustainable future, thereby mitigating potential environmental risk.



Environmental Training

EAS offers environmental legal courses, ranging from beginner to advanced level.

Know your rights from your wrongs. Learn the relevant legislation, its application and how it integrates with your particular industry.

Learn how to interpret the various environmental statutes and what they mean, including how they apply in practice.

Who We Are


A Law Graduate (LLB, 2008) and previously a designated Provincial Environmental Management Inspector (EMI 2014), with an additional IEMA-Approved Environmental Auditor’s certificate (Aspects International, 2012), whose strong belief in solving problems at their source results in cost-effective and sustainable practices. A pro-active thinker driven by the pursuit of knowledge, together with the ability to assess situations from multiple viewpoints, generates information which engenders skillful interpretation and evaluation, all of which successfully informs appropriate environmental decision-making purposes. Good communication and interpersonal skills allow for the establishment and strengthening of client relationships which achieve their intended business outcomes. Thorough, flexible and energetic in his approach together with an intuitive ability to assess group interactions, he easily motivates others to achieve sustainable results.

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